Journalism Portfolio

Cover Letter:

When I begin writing something I never know where it’s going to end up, much like right now. I haven’t identified yet whether that’s a strength or a weakness because it both helps and hurts all my writing, including the seven pieces in this portfolio. I know as a writer I have challenges transitioning between paragraphs, I seem to jump from idea to idea thinking that my audience will be able to follow. I think I’m good at more feature-type writing including profiles because I’m good at picking out details.¬†However, I think the seven articles that I’ve included sum up some of my best writing in both print articles and more casual blog entries.

One of my first stories was “Merrimack Valley’s Taste of Sicily,” and I chose to include this because I thought I had a good handle on quoting, and I think it’s aesthetically a good article. “It’s Our BEEEP City,” I chose to include because I like the flow of the piece with it’s tight, quick sentences. Also, I think you can hear the excitement of a baseball fan, and I also chose it because it went through a lot of editing and it changed drastically for the better. “Hidden Jewell in Southern New Hampshire,” is one of my best short pieces because it covers a lot in a short time. I think I did a good job with creating a story while also handing my audience the information they needed without dragging it out. “UML Men’s Basketball 2013-2014” includes a four minute edited feature video on the men’s basketball team and head coach Pat Duquette, and so I included it to show that I’ve done video and audio work, and also that a much longer article can still have an effect with the video restating the main points. I focused a lot on my transitions in this article, and I think it was an overall good story. Howl Magazine’s Issue 1 featured two of my pieces, a short feature called “El Potro,” and a St. Patrick’s day run-down called, “ShamROCK Best Bars to Get Your Irish On.” I learned so much when I wrote these two articles that I thought they were a big part in the way that I write journalism today. I had the most difficulty with “ShamROCK,” because it needed to be in before print deadline, and a lot of venues didn’t have the information yet. I think it was important to provide a story that wasn’t a feature and couldn’t be printed at any time. Also, they both asked for a punchy tone, and condense writing, which was challenging and rewarding. Lastly, “Boylston, Back Bay, Back to Boylston: This Is Our City, Part Two,” is included because it’s a much more casual type of writing through blogging. I thought it was really honest, and fun. I know that I took a lot of liberty in my chose of italics and bold typeface, but I think it gives my audience an idea that I can write carefree, and give them a lot of my personality. I do think I could have done a lot better with organization and focus, it sounded too much like a journal entry.

Overall I think all the pieces show something different whether it’s that I can chose interesting quotes, a can write tightly, or that I can be creative while still providing a story.



Kristen Carraher Resume 2014



Merrimack Valley’s Taste of Sicily

It’s Our BEEEP City

Hidden Jewell in Southern New Hampshire

UML Men’s Basketball 2013-2014

Howl Magazine Issue 1

Boylston, Back Bay, Back to Boylston: This Is Our City, Part Two

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