It’s Our BEEEP City

It was a historic night for the Red Sox as they became World Series champions at Fenway Park crushing the St. Louis Cardinals in game 6 with a 6-1 win, the first time since 1918 that they completed the series with home field advantage. Tingles as we all flashback to Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon cheering for the epic reverse of the Bambino curse in 2004. This season was almost as good. The reverse of the Valentine curse.

When talking numbers, the 2013 Boston Red Sox have had one of their best regular seasons finishing with one of their top-five best seasons with 97 wins and 65 loses, behind their 1912, 1978 and 2004 seasons (105, 99, 98 wins). John Farrell must have brought back some World Series magic from their win in 2007 as he returned to the Red Sox organization after having been their pitching coach for the 2007-2010 seasons.

St. Louis’ Cardinals finished with the same regular season record as the sox, making the 109th World Series the first time two of the top American League and National League teams have competed for the title since 1999. I think you can see that in the way the team played together, the instinctive habits they developed and the brotherhood they shared as we watched these two winning teams throughout their seasons.

The Cardinals earned their spot as the top NL team in the league. Rookie Carlos Martinez threw a 3.55 ERA in his first post-season with the Cardinals. What a life this kid must be leading in a top NL team playing at Fenway Park in the World Series at the age of 22. Does that make anyone else feel like they don’t know what they’re doing with their lives?

Last year’s season gave the Red Sox, “a tremendous amount of embarrassment,” as John Farrell, field manager, said during one of his post-game conferences. The 100th anniversary of Fenway Park was overcast by the 90+ loses, which hadn’t happened in almost 50 years of Red Sox regular seasons. Former manager, Bobby Valentine created controversy his entire time in the organization, especially with veteran players, even more specifically his known feud with Kevin Youkilis, who ended up being traded to the other sox — Chicago White Sox because of his physical and emotional commitment to the game.

I’m not sure Valentine was watching the same games as everyone else when he believed that he’d return as coach in the next season after post-game conferences full of talkative self-bragging after losing yet another game.

To much of the fan’s approval Toronto Blue Jays’ John Farrell, the sox’s old pitching coach, was brought in as field manager. Pitching problems have plagued the Red Sox for years with constance trades, and that was known to him. I think the general comfort with the clubhouse allowed for a lot more beneficial changes a lot faster than if someone else have been brought in.

This season, the Red Sox have had exceptional outcomes. Both new comers and veterans have worked just as hard to make the red sox play as a team again instead of as a bitter clubhouse. Koji Uehara finished his regular season with a 74 game, 1.06ERA. John Lackey and Jon Lester both had ERAs in the 3.0s pitching over 100 more innings that Uehara in the 2013 regular season. And first year, first baseman Mike Napoli hit 23 home runs during the 2013 season, and has signed already signed a 2-year, $32 million deal.

Most impressively, veterans and long-time teammates Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury continued to put in as much work as possible to hold the team and teammates together.

After hearing about Pedroia’s thumb surgery to fix a torn ligament during the beginning of the post-season Ellsbury sent a text to his teammate saying, “Is there any way you can play through it? We need you.” These are the types of things that make the Red Sox seem like the 2004, and 2007 team. A clubhouse’s camaraderie that counts of each other. A flashback to earlier seasons with Terry Francona.

The 2013 season gave Red Sox fans a sense of the true meaning of Red Sox Nation. 

2013 Red Sox Parade from Kristen Carraher on Vimeo.

Writer’s Memo: I need an ending, and I don’t know what it’s going to be yet. I don’t feel like my transitions are done well, but I never think those are done well anyways. I need to add the video.

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